Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll Wholesale 9915490860


Rainbow HTv vinyl
Rainbow Reflective Heat transfer vinyl is a type of vinyl material that is designed to reflect light in a rainbow-like pattern. It is commonly used in the garment industry for creating eye-catching designs on clothing and accessories. The vinyl is applied to the fabric using a heat press, which activates the adhesive on the back of the vinyl and allows it to bond securely to the fabric. The reflective properties of the vinyl make it ideal for creating high-visibility designs, such as logos or lettering on safety vests or athletic wear. The rainbow effect is achieved through a special coating on the vinyl that refracts light at different angles, creating a colorful and dynamic appearance. This type of vinyl is popular among designers and crafters who want to add a unique and vibrant touch to their projects. Whether it's for fashion, safety, or personal expression, Rainbow Reflective Heat transfer vinyl offers a versatile and visually striking option for creating custom designs. For more information please contact 9915490860


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